this is nico

Born in 1983 in a town near Berlin Nico started into life during the historical end of the German Democratic Republic.

He has always been led by curiosity, which explains why he liked school so much and was especially fascinated by subjects like math, physics, mechanics and biology. His undestroyable motivation was and still is the achievement of knowledge as you can see and hear if you get the chance to talk to him.

In the early years of high school he was sent to the state olympics in mathematics. During this time, he decided to leave the path all the other gifted kids were taking. However, he didnt succeed in the olympics, which was okay for him because from his point of view the theoretical focus of science was senseless without a practical use for the real life. And for this he searched from then on.

Maybe because of the diversity of his interests (e.g. science, arts and science fiction and the practical use for all of it) he was very unskilled in small talk. Everytime  Nico found someone for conversation it didn’t take much time to lose his acquaintances again. Unfortunatly for him, the art of small talk is essential for social long-term contacts for most of us.

After graduating from school, he started and completed different types of apprenticeship. By now he actually is a certified banker, social assistent, educator and he achieved a bachelor of social work. In addition to his formal education he spends his free time in satisfying his curiosity in sciences like psychology, sociology, philosophy and the art of self-improvement.

A specialty of this man seems to be his way of thinking and seeing the world. For him, the past, the present and the theoretical future are clearly visible in front of his inner eye. The skill to think in pictures more than in words allows him not only to think with an incredible speed of divergent thinking. It also allows him to bring complex structures into a simple picture, which is easier to understand, and to connect things which have never been brought into a connection before.

What probably makes him seem like a nutcase for the most of us is the fact that Nico ignores anwers like “That’s impossible” or “I dont believe that”. If you don’t have any valuable arguments or hard facts to underline your point of view you’re likely to get him upset.



Nico’s quotes:

“Best practice is for dead fish.”

“Why should i work on short term problems? That means i need to do the work again sooner or later. It’s a senseless waste of important limited lifetime and energy, especially if you are able to solve the problem on a long term view. This way you have to invest time just once. And maybe later a little bit for small corrections.”

“There is no sense for me to say the one and only way is building your own company, building your own network and following your own goal for reaching it. If there is more than one person with the same ambitions and the same way of thinking  then you should do the journey together and give the word “synergy” a new dimension.”

“Babe, i have an idea.” (most annoying sentence for the lovely woman by his side.)

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