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and first of all I owe you an apology. Because my video is fiction. Nothing shown in the video exists in real life… at the moment. Amazon did not start a revolutionary education programme, nobody prints construction plans for various things on cardboard boxes and Tesla does not use new innovative channels for their marketing. And if you thought there’d be a chance of winning something from Tesla… your conclusion was wrong. Sorry.

What’s the purpose of the video?

Every day millions of new impacts are sent into the world wide web. Enterprises invest millions of dollars and euros to be seen on the internet. If one single person has something really important to say in this digital cosmos it’s very hard to be heard or seen. For a human being without enough financial or personal ressources there’s only one possibility: He totally has to understand the system and has to find a better way to use it than other people. At least for a short while.
If you’re reading this right now you know I am one of those people. Some would say I’m a modern polymath. Most people would just say I’m crazy, a nutcase… up until now. This right here is my counterproof. It’s time for me to deliver.

What’s the use of all this?

The concept of the education by cardboard boxes really does exist. I invented it. It just hasn’t been realised yet. You’ll find more details concerning this in my next text. However, if the right person takes notice of it. It could become real and bring us a really nice new thing.
The “Paradox of Choice” does exist. It’s the scientific description of
"The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose."
Solving this problem would have a global impact and would lead to a win-win-situation for everybody: enterprises, clients, non-clients, the planet, our future. It’s no longer a paradox because I solved it on a theoretical basis and confirmed it in practice.
The popularity I take use of belongs to Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. This choice makes sense in several ways: The former achievements and the fame of these men equal the potential of a loudspeaker that is so much louder than the sound of billions of other people. And at the same time they are the ones who i try to contact.

Good boy! How can we help?

It would be awesome if you want to support the mission. And nothing is easier then this. Spread the words, share the video. Increase the possibility of being heard and realizing the idea of more education for everyone.

What is the next step?

Jeff, Elon or Larry (Google will take notice of this as well) are exactly the persons I wish to reach with this. And not just for an “Hi, how are you?”. I’m totally convinced that they are capable of understanding what I mean, what I see, what my vision is and how important it is for their own goals. That’s why I need to talk to them.
And I won’t meet them empty-handed: My first welcome gift will be solving the paradox of choice… exclusive.
Having brunch or lunch or dinner or whatever with the person who heard me and became curious I will bring a second gift whose meaning will be far more important than solving the paradox of choice, especially for the person I’m having dinner with.
I’m neither longing for money nor for fame. This action here could use funds to make money, but I deliberately renounce that. I’m just asking for the opportunity to use my talents and my skills to make a contribution to the future of my children, your children and all of us. And could maybe meet someone who think like me.
Larry, Elon or Jeff… we should talk. Since I don’t have the financial ressources for travelling to one of you I’d like to invite you. For brunch, lunch or dinner? Whatever is best for you! If you have a better and more efficient idea let me know!
(you can contact me threw the menu bar. sorry, i dont know how it could be more practible)

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