the cardboard constructions

3D constructions made out of cardboard boxes…

…are nothing new. What’s new is the connection of easy-to-built models, the basis of human education and a medium of transportation that reaches millions of people everyday.
In many countries there are lots of good ways to support the developement and the education of children by many great and ambitious people. But these projects often fail especially in one point: reachability. This means they suffer from a lack of longterm effects, sustainability and a far range.
Parents, day care centers and schools not only need to know that support is possible. They also need to decide whether to offer it or not. Additional time, energy and money are often counterarguments with a strong impact.
Plans for construction models in millions of boxes are as easy and convenient as switching off the light in the kitchen.

What you need to build the models:

Scissors or a knife. That’s it!

What’s the use of building the models?

Building is part of children’s play. Playing is the most efficient and most important way of learning, starting from a pre-school age up to teenagers.
Building the cardboard creations the following skills will be supported:
  •  Developing a feeling for physical and spatial conditions
  •  Developing an idea for sizes and symmetry
  •  Recognising structures
  •  Abstraction
  •  Supporting the hand-eye-coordination (important basis for reading and writing)
  •  Developing self-motivation
  •  Creativity
  •  Mental and physical persistence
  •  Mathematical understanding
  •  Language development (by building with family or friends)
  •  Self-confidence
  •  Self-esteem

What’s the use for an enterprise like Amazon?

As the video showed you there’s an immense marketing potential in this channel and it hasn’t been used yet. Marketing by cardboard boxes is something the customer can’t hide from.
McDonald’s was very successful in creating a customer bond starting at the age of 4 or 5. The impact on children’s health is dubious. In case of the cardboard models you get the earliest possible customer bonding by an additional value for them.
Boxes which only create costs at the moment will bring an additional value. An additional value with an economic twist.
The cardboard creations only create a minimum effort. There’s no need for additional marketing strategies and the necessary infrastructure is already in place.
The program will be image building and give competitors a hard time. This will raise the quality of life for everybody, not only for Amazon customers. An enterprise realising this project will create a long-term additional value for the whole society.

But… I don’t have a kid.

Has it ever been easier to do something good for nieces, nephews, grand-children, day care centers or youth centers?

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